Artist Statement

People fascinate me. I choose to sculpt exotic and unique souls because of their colorful histories; they provoke me in a way than I cannot explain.

As a child of the depression era, I had little to be creative with. But I loved to invent so I made my own dreamed up art from anything I could find around our home. That was the start of my art education.

As a high school and college student I excelled in writing, drama, dance and foreign languages, all of which intensified my creative desire.

I married after college and soon began a successful career as a massage therapist, yoga teacher and esthetician. I built and ran 5 day spa/salons, wrote 3 books on skin health and developed treatments that I taught to professionals throughout the country for 33 years. Those years of working on people opened my heart and mind to the living spirit and taught my hands to sculpt.

I have worked with several successful artists privately over the years, I have attended the Scottsdale Artists School, I have received public and private commissions and I have shown in major and local juried art shows and galleries in California and New York.

Artist Statement
I approach the art of sculpting like seeing through the lens of a camera. I developed my skill through apprenticeships with several preeminent sculptors over a 15 year period. From these teachers, learning one on one, I learned the art of shadowing and infusing life into my works. From my 35 years as an esthetician and nationally certified massage therapist, my hands learned the intricacies of face and body. In each sculpture I create I express my personal truth in the power of the emotional faces that emerge when I’m intently working the clay and I’m showing the world who I am and what I believe, thus coaxing viewers to look deeper into life intuitively and clearly.